Livinguard is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly life sciences technology platform invented in Switzerland.

Our purpose is to apply our technology platform to improve the health and well-being of billions of humans.

Livinguard’s patented technology platform uniquely turns any textile into a permanent self-disinfectant. Livinguard-treated textiles inactivate all kinds of microorganisms while remaining gentle and safe for humans and the environment.


Intensive testing showed that Livinguard treated textiles act as a disinfectant, eliminating microorganisms upon contact. Unlike conventional antimicrobial technologies, the disinfecting property does not rely on leaching toxic compounds.

Permanent, washable, and reusable

The antimicrobial substances are bound to the material at the molecular level, allowing it to be washed and reused numerous times and maintaining its full performance for the useful life of the material.

Skin safe

Compliant with international testing standards for skin toxicity, sensitization, and irritation.


Works with any textile or paper as well as a number of other substrates, and can be combined with other technologies.

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