Our technologies demonstrate a paradigm-shifting mechanical microbial kill action. We have a proprietary method of embedding positive electrostatic charges on the surface of the treated textile. These charges attract microbes and result in the disruption of their cell walls, leading to inactivation and disintegration of microorganisms.

Our technologies are based on mechanical inactivation of microorganisms. The strength and durability of this process is considered to be a paradigm shift in disinfection technology.

In contrast to conventional disinfection technologies, no migration of biocides takes place. This has important advantages in comparison to conventional disinfection methods:
No uncontrolled release of toxic compounds into the environment
No exposure of users to toxic compounds
No depletion; the antimicrobial can be maintained during extended periods of time and washing does not deteriorate the activity
Microbiological research using flow cytometry has shown that exposure of bacteria to Livinguard textiles resulted in a rapid damage of the cell wall, resulting in complete, irreversible inactivation of bacteria. During prolonged exposure, the damage to the cell wall aggravated, resulting in complete disruption of the cell wall and release of the intracellular content. It works equally effectively for bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the outstanding efficiency of the technology: When bacteria were applied to Livinguard textiles, 99.9999% inactivation was observed within 5 minutes of exposure. This antibacterial activity was completely maintained during more than 30 washing cycles and multiple repeated inoculations with bacteria, which demonstrates the property labelled as “permanent disinfection”. This is a unique property: Livinguard is the only company worldwide which has obtained this EPA label of “permanent disinfection”.

The nature of our antimicrobial action has led to the Swiss regulatory authority Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG (Federal Office of Public Health FOPH) categorizing our treated textiles as “non-biocidal disinfectants”.

Several versions of our technology have passed US Environmental Protection Agency Protocol 90072PA4 and corresponding toxicity tests under stringent Good Laboratory Practices conditions. This means we conform to the EPA’s standards for “self-disinfecting textiles”, thereby permitting us to claim “self-disinfectant” performance.

We have also tested and passed NSF International’s P248 protocol that is intended “to test individual water purifiers designed to achieve removal or inactivation of microbiological contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and protozoan cysts and oocysts from virtually any fresh water source likely to be encountered by military personnel during exercises and deployments.” These compliant test results also surpass the WHO’s highest guidelines for household water treatment systems.

Tests at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Research and Technology (Eawag), part of the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH Zurich) and other Swiss research laboratories have shown that the Livinguard charged textile kills all microorganisms in natural water sources and has shown chemical leaching of below 1% of the limits defined by the US EPA.