A typical dirty surface, like a table, can have about 1,000,000 bacteria per 1 cm². When you clean it with a cloth, the cloth picks up the bacteria. As a result, the table now has less bacteria, but these bacteria are living and growing on the cloth. If you use the cloth again without washing it, the bacteria can be transferred back to the surface when the cloth is used repeatedly. If you use a traditional liquid disinfectant spray instead, it will take about 24 hours to poison and kill about 990,000 of the 1,000,000 bacteria, leaving 10,000 alive and well.
If you use a Livinguard-charged wipe, no disinfectant is required. The wet or dry Livinguard wipe will pick up more bacteria than the regular cloth, due to electrostatic interaction. And within 10 minutes it will disrupt the cell walls, killing 999,990 of a million bacteria, leaving just 10 behind.

Livinguard-charged surface wipes and mops, etc. offer the convenience of the simplest cleaning approach, with efficacy and safety beyond that of conventional cleaning solutions.