We all have symbiotic bacteria living in and on us. The “good” bacteria that live in our skin inhabit the deeper layers of skin (for example pores), not the surface. However, harmful bacteria and fungi are constantly landing on skin, growing in the perspiration on skin, and even in menstrual discharge.

Livinguard-charged personal hygiene wipes and feminine hygiene products inactivate the microbes on the skin surface, keep you clean, and fight these harmful bacteria and fungi, without affecting your skin microbiota inhabiting deeper skin layers (good host bacteria).
A Livinguard-charged sanitary pad kills UTI (urinary tract infection) and odor-causing microbes. A Livinguard-charged facial wipe kills the bacteria on your face, thereby reducing the risk of pimples and blackheads, etc. Because Livinguard works on a contact principle, no harmful chemicals are released that can penetrate to the deeper layers of your skin and damage your natural skin microbiota.

What you’re left with is clean, hygienic skin. If the product is designed to be sustainable and reusable, then you can wash and reuse it with the same worry-free hygiene.