We license our technologies to and co-develop products with leading companies in relevant market segments. Collaboration enables us to invent new product categories or simply incorporate unparalleled antimicrobial features into existing products. We collaborate with our partners to:

  1. Develop and produce innovative products.
  2. Develop license agreements with clear branding and intellectual property protection in specific market segments.
  3. Define and provide services such as quality control and assurance, ongoing technology and product development, sourcing and supply chain.
  4. Locate and secure textile and other substrate treatment partners or to provide treated textiles through our own partners.
Our technology places us in the unique position of social and environmental responsibility: we can develop hygienic products with extended usable life, making them economically viable for the less fortunate. We currently have certified solutions for community drinking water purification, feminine hygiene, and air pollution that governments and nonprofits distribute to their constituents.
We work with leading research institutes to test and certify our technologies.

Some of our research partners include:

We have conducted extensive testing, certification, and compliance with:
We have a global network of textile vendors, mills, and treatment facilities.