medical textiles
& industrial laundry

Hospitals all over the world are unfortunately among the highest infection risk areas, with a deadly combination of disease, reduced immunity, and antibiotic resistant pathogens like MRSA. Almost 1 in every 10 patients admitted to a hospital contracts a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). While most Western nations require objects in hospitals to be regularly disinfected or disposed, textiles fall behind. They are instead sent for industrial laundry, where the textiles are subjected to harsh chemicals and the workers are exposed to all the pathogens concentrated in one place.
Instead, Livinguard-charged doctors’ coats, scrubs, surgical drapes, curtains, bed sheets, etc. can all provide superior microbial protection, working seamlessly in the background. Because of the self-disinfecting property, the fabrics arrive at the laundry facility uncontaminated, only requiring a light cold water wash with simple detergent to remove stains.

We are conducting tests in Swiss hospitals to demonstrate this efficacy which will reduce the risk of contracting HAI.