24. September 2018

How Livinguard works in the field of … Water Purification

Over the past couple of years, Livinguard has been working tirelessly to improve the standards of living in India. Working with NGOs and corporate sponsors Livinguard has committed itself to alleviating one of the major causes of illnesses and death […]
19. September 2018

Livinguard easily explained – Chapter 1: The Technology

Livinguard  has developed a revolutionary and environmentally friendly method of permanent disinfection that can be applied to textiles. This Swiss-designed innovation neutralizes microorganisms permanently, in products ranging from medical textiles to air filters, and has the potential to improve the […]
17. September 2018

Meet the Livinguard Team: Ken McMahon

We spoke with Livinguard CEO Ken McMahon about the company, the technology and the future – part 1 of our interview series “Meet the Livinguard Team” Since Livinguard is a new company and not yet a household name, how you […]
14. July 2018

Livinguard @ Fiber2Fashion

In this recent interview our very own Shivani Swamy talks about how we are proving our technology and improving health and well-being of millions of women in India. Our washable and reusable self-disinfecting Saafkins products have been enabling and empowering […]