The general wisdom for taking proper care of clothes is to wash them, and to wash them with detergent, after every use. Why? Because they’re dirty, stained, and they smell. The dirt is loose and only requires water. The stains are ultimately proteins, fats or other organic compounds that can serve as food for bacteria. And the smell is caused by excretion products of these bacteria, not by perspiration or by natural body odor.

Livinguard-charged clothes, inner wear, socks, and shoe linings can separate the two needs for washing: appearance and hygiene. Self-disinfecting clothing constantly fights the microorganisms that damage your clothes, cause them to smell, and create a risk of skin infections.
Even after many washes, Livinguard-charged fabrics demonstrate continued performance while having no harmful effects on the skin. The beneficial bacteria living in your skin are deeply embedded in the skin and therefore do not come into contact with the fabric, so they are not affected.

Our own internal testing has shown that when we charge these fabrics, they remain hygienic for as long as they are used, before washing and reuse. The risk of contamination and odor are greatly reduced and the health of users users is better protected.