HVAC systems, airplane and automobile air conditioning systems, and face masks for urban/pollution, medical, and construction use: they all involve attempts to eliminate the effects of undesirable particles in the air. They generally rely on filters to block such particles. One challenge with such an approach is that pathogenic microorganisms are in the air too. Although these microorganisms can be blocked, they can also continue living and growing on filters that tend to offer the prime conditions for bacteria and fungi to thrive. This problem is known as biofouling.
We fight this problem by turning the filter into a self-disinfectant. The Livinguard-charged filter bursts the cell walls of these bacteria and fungi as they come into contact with the material. The microorganisms are inactivated and disintegrate within minutes.

The net result is a longer-lasting and more functional filter that improves the hygiene and safety of the product.